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Wage and Hour Law: How to Calculate Overtime and Avoid Employee Litigation

Driving Business Results through Talent Reviews

Wednesday, July 19, 10:00 AM ET

Overtime can seem simple — pay your non-exempt employees time and a half for overtime hours worked. But, did you know that additional overtime premiums need to be paid on both commissions and production bonuses paid to non-exempt employees?

Join Russell Berger, Labor & Employment Principal at Offit Kurman, as he explains the right way to calculate overtime for your employees and how to avoid wage and hour litigation in your workplace. 

If used correctly, talent reviews provide a practical way for HR professionals to drive business results through data analysis, collaboration and critical evaluation. However, without spending the time to track the review, identify issues and opportunities and follow up with employees, the talent review can become ineffective. To avoid this, companies need to better understand how talent reviews work to manage accountability, improve performance and support employee engagement. Lauren Ammon, senior manager, and Becky Falvey, senior human resources business partner, at Paycor, will discuss how the talent review practice positions the HR professional as expert talent consultants and business leaders. In addition, Ammon and Falvey will explore the relationship between talent reviews, engagement and business, defining drivers of engagement and breaking down the impact of engagement on business results. Session attendees will take away an actionable plan for implementing talent reviews to advance business results.

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