Top Diversity & Inclusion Tech to Help Measure and Scale DE&I at Work

Building DE&I programs in the workplace is key for growth and engagement. Paycor offers premier solutions for diversity benchmarking tools, a diversity recruiting platform, and DE&I measurement tools that help you invest in your employees and workplace.

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Ethnically diverse organizations have a 36% greater chance of outperforming less diverse companies (McKinsey).


Women represent nearly 57% of the labor force in the U.S. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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The average woman earns 82 cents for every dollar earned by a man. African American women earn just 60 cents, and Latinas 55 cents (Harvard Business Review).


The majority of workers (56%) say focusing on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion at work is mainly a good thing (Pew Research Center).

Diversity and Inclusion Software

Learning how to measure diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is just the beginning. Discover how to improve DE&I and how it impacts the bottom line.

Paycor Analytics

Built for leaders to show the direct impact DE&I has on an organization’s workforce and business results. Easy-to-read data visualizations will identify blind spots and help you become a problem solver. Get diversity benchmarking for age, gender, and compensation within a company and against industry peers. Paycor Analytics received the 2022 Titan Platinum Award for Business Intelligence Solution.

Pulse Surveys

Develop trust within your organization by conducting regular employee surveys and leveraging those insights into actions. Open-ended questions along with employee experience ratings will uncover any gaps or feelings toward DE&I opportunities.

Report Builder

Use customized filters with specific demographics when reviewing reports in order to find DE&I insights into your workforce. Easily share your findings with other leaders in your organization.

Paycor Engage

Combine Recognition, Chat, and Company News into one streamlined tool that gives company leaders and frontline managers a centralized location to engage their employees. Engage gives leaders a variety of channels to communicate with employees, foster teamwork and a sense of belonging.

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