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HR software that helps you build a great place to work. Streamline administrative processes to quickly fill open positions, develop top talent and retain your workforce.

Transform your hiring

Streamline and optimize your recruiting process. Quickly fill open positions.

Why are so many recruiting platforms more of a problem than a solution? Because the vast majority of them were built by people who have no idea how to actually recruit top talent. Paycor’s Recruiting is the simple, smart, modern built by recruiters for recruiters and HR hiring teams.


Leverage powerful features like analytics for Time-to-Fill and Candidate Pipeline to better budget and make decisions.

Expect more from Recruiting

  • Candidate Texting
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Branded Careers Page
  • Insightful Analytics
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Job Templates
  • Google and Outlook Integration

Drive Retention

Engage with new hires before their first day.

Create a meaningful, memorable experience with Paycor Onboarding that will make your new hire feel part of the team, even before their first day. You’ve invested time and resources into hiring; now bring it home with Paycor Onboarding.


Turnover can be 50% in the first 18 months (SHRM).

Great onboarding reduces turnover risk.

  • Reduce Manual Paperwork
  • Identify Hiring Tax Credits
  • Complete Compliance Documentation
  • New Hire Mobile Self Service
  • Personalize Onboarding Experience

Go Paperless—And Never Go Back

Paycor’s core HR solution is seamless and helps HR leaders get things done.

HR teams still spend too much time on transactional HR functions that should be automated. If HR is manual, or worse, paper-based, your team won’t ever get out of the weeds.

Paycor HR

Automate routine tasks and drive efficiencies

Imagine HR without the Administration

  • Single Source of Truth for Employee Data
  • Seamless Recordkeeping
  • Automated Workflows, Reminders & Notifications
  • Employee & Manager Self-Service
  • Employee Recognition & Chat
  • High-Impact Reporting & Analytics

Recruit, Engage and Retain

Build a learning culture that drives employee engagement.

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. Paycor’s LMS helps employers create, manage, share and track learning programs.

Learning Management

Our award-winning solution combines virtual, classroom and mobile modules on one platform, so employees learn when, where and how they want.

Expect more from your LMS

  • Retain & Engage Employees
  • Mobile Learning
  • Unlimited Course Content Options
  • Bi-lingual Content
  • Reach Employees Anywhere, Anytime
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Automated Scheduling

Manage labor costs & improve productivity

Quickly and effectively manage your scheduling process to optimize your staff and improve productivity. Paycor Scheduling allows you to organize your team and communicate information in real time.

Paycor Scheduling

Never get caught short staffed again.

Streamline & Automate Scheduling

  • Schedule Budget Caps by Day and Location
  • Empower Employees with Shift Trading
  • Communicate Through Team Chat
  • Enable Employees to Set Their Availability
  • Enforce Shift Acknowledgments

Time & Attendance

Monitor labor costs and make better decisions

It all starts with automating the collection of employee attendance data. Analyze trends, manage overtime costs, increase productivity and stay compliant with our easy-to-use tool.

Attendance Management

Quickly and easily track and manage employee attendance.

Manage Time & Attendance Exceptions

  • Easily set up attendance rules
  • Reward employees for good attendance
  • Automatic point balances updates
  • Easily integrate with HR
  • Effective dates automatically recalculate

"Easy" is not enough.

You need expertise to ensure accuracy and stay compliant.

Proactive alerts and exception reports catch anything out of the ordinary, so you don't have to worry about errors. Dashboard and payroll reports keep you in control. Your Paycor team handles the processing, including tax filing and reporting so you can pay your employees accurately and on time.


Make one-time changes to earnings, deductions and more with our Paygrid feature.

Cross payroll off your to-do list.

  • Confidently Pay Employees
  • Real-Time Payroll Changes
  • Robust, Flexible One-Page Paygrid
  • OnDemand Pay
  • Proactive Alerts And Notifications
  • Tax Compliance Assistance
  • Powerful, Real-Time Analytics And Reporting

Solve Important Business Problems

Make an organizational impact

Gain deeper insights into important data like turnover, headcount, gender pay equity and more. Arm yourself with the data you need to show the true value your department brings to the organization.

Paycor Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage.

Simplify Complex Data Sets

  • Powerful Workforce Insights
  • Benchmark Against Competition
  • Easily Share Reports Throughout Your Organization
  • Leverage Pre-Built Workforce Dashboards

Automate & Control Costs

Paycor Benefits Advisor dramatically simplifies the process

Paycor Benefits Advisor streamlines nearly every aspect of the process, so you can focus on what matters most – your people. Give your employees a sense of control and knowledge, so they feel great about their selections.

Paycor Benefits Advisor

A rules-based platform that empowers employees and helps contain costs.

Benefits simplified

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Automated Workflows & Notifications
  • Access & Enroll from Mobile App
  • Simplified Open Enrollment
  • Streamline new hire/rehire process
  • Robust EDI connections
  • Benefits Insights & Benchmarking

Drive Recruiting & Retention

Compensation Planning was built for HR leaders looking to create a strong compensation strategy that reduces turnover and aids in finding the right talent.

Managing compensation events with multiple spreadsheets is a recipe for disaster. With one single source of truth to manage all aspects of compensation, you’ll never have to rely on spreadsheets or enter data in multiple places. Instead, spend your time focusing on rewarding and retaining employees.

Compensation Planning

We eliminate the complexity of comp planning with automated workflows and guided decisioning support to ensure salaries, bonuses and employee rewards are equitable and competitive.

Improve How you Manage & Plan Compensation

  • Salary Increases and One-Time Payments
  • Assign by Location, Department, Specific Employees and more
  • Automatically Push to Payroll
  • Merit Increases Tied to Performance Reviews
  • Employee Notification Letters
  • Bulk Pay Adjustments

Go Beyond Average Employee Engagement

Make data driven decisions

Accurately gather and convert employee feedback into real insights that you can use to get ahead of potential problems like turnover and low morale.

Paycor Pulse

Build trust and action plans based on employee sentiment.

Better Understand Your Workforce

  • Customize Questions for Employee Experience
  • Leverage Scheduled Surveys
  • Ensure Confidential Responses
  • Utilize Personalized Email Messages
  • Access Sentiment and Expression Analysis
  • Share Easy-to-Read Pulse Reports

Create a Workplace of Continuous Development

Revamp employee development by shifting to more frequent coaching conversations that ensure employees are focused on the right priorities and receive the direction they need to be productive.

Talent Development

Our low-touch, robust solution automates the entire development and performance management process. With Paycor, HR leaders can better inform compensation, promotions and succession-planning decisions, as well as drive employee performance.

Remove Complexities from Performance Management

  • 1:1s
  • Peer Feedback
  • Employee Ratings
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Performance Reviews

Coach and Retain Your Workforce

Create better career strategies, facilitate internal movement and identify talent risks with Paycor Career Management.

Career Management

Paycor Career Management removes the complexity from succession planning. Managers and employees can clearly define role responsibilities and set expectations together so that employees receive feedback that’s specific to their development plan.

Key Features to Drive Engagement and Improve Outcomes

  • Role & Growth Profiles
  • Determine Competencies
  • Job Assessments
  • Talent Attributes
  • Role-based Reviews

Our Products:

A Solution for Your Unique Needs

Paycor can help you get out of the weeds and focus on the most important things.

Mobile Technology

Employees can complete several tasks such as punching in/out, reviewing schedules, requesting time off and selecting benefits through the mobile app.

Seamless Integrations

Our extensive network of powerful retirement and benefits integration partners streamlines the transfer of HR, payroll, retirement and benefits data.

Valuable Insights

Analytics that provide actionable insights and predictive resignation data to help identify at-risk workers and the probability of turnover.

Paycor is Now a TIPS Awarded Vendor

Paycor is now an Awarded Vendor through the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. As an Awarded Vendor, Paycor offers TIPS members the opportunity to purchase products at discounted pricing without the delay and expense of going out to bid. Through the TIPS program, Paycor can save agencies time and money while delivering HR and Payroll software that modernizes every aspect of people management.

“Paycor has allowed us to streamline processes. Our HR team is able to spend less time at their desks and more time out with our associates, hearing how they’re doing, solving problems and building relationships."
Senior Human Resources Manager
Ryobi Die Casting
Streamline Your HR & Payroll Process
Paycor’s mobile technology, seamless integrations and analytics help save you time and money while empowering you to develop a winning team.

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